Amazing Out of Africa Campaign exhibition launch event attended by Peter Odemwingie, Efe and Steven Sodje, Brendon Batson and Kim Grant.

Last night The Public in West Bromwich hosted the Out of Africa Campaign Exhibition launch. The event was attended by football stars past and present in a wonderful celebration and tribute to the work that had been done before them, by the pioneers of professional football from Africa. Continue reading


The Out Of Africa Directory and Time Line have now been updated to take into account the movement and events of the transfer market. All the seasons signings of new African players to the Professional Football Leagues in Great Britain have also been updated.

African Football for the World

Football is used as a tool to unite people. To unite people in the spirit of the game, and to show respect to one another. Nowhere is that more evident than in the English Premier League, where there are 68 nationalities represented. Among those there are close to 40 African players in the Premier League. Ever since the early days where Englishmen sought to teach their fellow Europeans of the game, the game has caught on to places across the globe where there were significant European populations. For example, in Latin America, it is almost a joke to consider that football isn’t the inherent traditional pastime.

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